Cory Annis

Portrait Photography: Cory Annis – The Unorthodoc

While in Austin, TX for SXSWi we had a blast shooting Cory Annis also known as The Unorthodoc. If you haven’t checked out her work, you really should. As The MD for Entrepreneurs she’s doing some great things, including offering services virtually across the globe.Read on

Peter Shallard

Portrait Photography: Peter Shallard (2012)

While we were in Austin, TX for SXSWi this year we met up with Peter Shallard for his 2012 photoshoot.Read on

Chris & Alexandra

Engagement Photography: Christophe & Alexandra Collovati

The day we landed in Chicago, after returning home from Austin, TX we made a stop at home, unpacked & repacked our bags then hopped in the car for a 3 hour drive to Peoria, IL. On St. Patrick’s day, the next day, we had scheduled to document some ❤LOVE❤, with an engagement shoot with Chris & Alex.Read on

Michelle & Bob Gammelgaard

Wedding Photography: Robert & Michelle Gammelgaard

When my two friends, both former co-workers of mine from Adlai E. Stevenson High School, told me they were engaged I was ecstatic for them! I couldn’t wait for their wedding day to come. I couldn’t have been more excited for the two of them.Read on

Pet Photography Kix the Puppy

Pet Photography: Kix, the Puppy

On Tuesday January 10th, 4 month old Kix joined the Ceaser family. On the next day he had his first portrait shoot with me. :)Read on

Winter Portrait: Marla Sarris, Amanda Ceaser, Hannah Ceaser

Winter Portrait: The Ceaser Sisters

The day before my sister Amanda moved to Montana, after graduating college in June, my mom said she wanted an updated photo of all of her daughters. We took some pictures together the night before she was leaving and we were all pretty tired so they didn’t really turn out very frame-worthy.Read on

Fall Child Portrait

Fall Portrait: Maddie Plaza

Mid November, a few days after the first short & quick snowfall in the Chicagoland area, we had a fall photo shoot. It felt like we were slightly tempting fate and racing against time wondering if the fall colors would still be around, but it turned out to be a beautiful fall day with the rain staying away and the leaves remaining on the trees.

It turned out to be the perfect day for a portrait shoot with this adorable little girl.

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Fall Family Portrait Shoot: The Boys Family

Portrait Photography: The Boys Family

Our cameras must be partial to little girls named Maddie because we had back-to-back sessions with two incredibly cute little girls of the same name. This Maddie is part of the Boys family who we had a fall family photo shoot with in St. Charles, IL.

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Gardner Family

Portrait Photography: Gardner Family Fall Portrait

During this fall family shoot we had the opportunity to hang out with the wonderful Gardner family, Brian, Shelly & Zach. It’s always nice to see Brian so it was an extra special treat to meet the rest of his family.Read on

Joel Runyon

Video Production: Joel Runyon’s Impossible T-Shirt Promo

While out on our shoot with Joel Runyon we had the inclination to do a series of promotional videos to coincide with the launch of his new Impossible T-Shirts. Unfortunately the extremely impromptu nature of the video shoot meant that we didn’t have any gear with us (the audio shows it’s just a bit windy in Chicago, who knew?!) 😉 but the silly nature of the videos actually lend to the imperfection :)

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Foster Christening

Event Photography: Samuel Foster Christening

We recently went out to Naperville, IL where we snapped photos for Samuel Foster’s Christening. Here’s a small selection of photos from the family’s special day.Read on

Joel Runyon: Do Something Impossible

Promotional Photography: Joel Runyon’s Impossible HQ

This past weekend we had a blast running around Chicago, shooting promotional shots of the awesome Joel Runyon. The launch of his new central headquarters, Impossible HQ, and the release of the brand new Impossible T-Shirt meant that it was time for some new promo materials.

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Brian Gardner at Starbucks

Portrait Photography: Brian Gardner

When shooting a portrait of Brian Gardner what better place to shoot than his second home, Starbucks. If you’re familiar with WordPress and the Genesis Framework then you’re surely very familiar with Brian. He’s the founder of StudioPress, Partner of Copyblogger Media, a self-confessed Starbucks addict and an all-around great guy.

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2011 Chicago Triathlon - Joel Runyon

Event Photography: 2011 Chicago Triathlon

When our good friend Joel Runyon mentioned that he was racing in the Chicago Triathlon it was quickly decided that we would go cheer him on. He is the person who convinced Marla to finally try a triathlon of her own earlier this summer, how could we not?

So cameras in hand we headed to Monroe Street Harbor and placed ourselves front and center for the action.

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Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Ribfest

Concert Photography: Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band

Over the Fourth of July weekend we had the opportunity to see one of our all time favorite musicians, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, as he performed at Ribfest in Naperville, IL. We had a great time at the show and of course had ourselves some tasty ribs. How can you pass them up when you’re at Ribfest?

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Chicago Wedding Photographer - Kelly Wedding

Wedding Photography: Mike & Sarah Kelly

We recently had the privilege of shooting the Kelly/Loconti wedding in Addison, IL. We had such a great time with Mike, Sarah and their families and want to once again wish them a huge congratulations and many years of happiness.

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Facing Forward at Metro Chicago - Ryan Greshock

Concert Photography: Facing Forward at Metro

A few years back we were at a concert and caught the opening act, Facing Forward, and really enjoyed their show. So jump forward about a year and we hired them to play…for our wedding reception (they even threw in a pretty sweet Thriller cover). Fast forward to now and, cameras in hand, we had the privilege of shooting Facing Forward at Metro. It was a blast.

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One Day Without Shoes - Elmhurst College

TOMS Style Your Sole Event at Elmhurst College

Here’s some shots from this year’s TOMS Style Your Sole Event at Elmhurst College. The event was a part of One Day Without Shoes, a day in which students walk barefoot to raise awareness and experience the challenges of many children in developing countries.

The Style Your Sole Event was a time for the students to let their creativity loose onto the blank canvas shoes.

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Peter Shallard Portrait 01

Portrait Photography: Peter Shallard

While we were in Austin, TX for SXSWi we spent some time with our buddy Peter Shallard, the shrink for entrepreneurs. In passing he mentioned that he needed a new portrait for his site and Twitter account. A quick trip up to the roof of our Airbnb rental and our impromptu photoshoot was underway. Here’s a small sampling of some of the shots.

If you’re an entrepreneur (or even if you’re not) be sure to check out Peter’s site. He’s doing great things :)
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