Joel Runyon

Video Production: Joel Runyon’s Impossible T-Shirt Promo

While out on our shoot with Joel Runyon we had the inclination to do a series of promotional videos to coincide with the launch of his new Impossible T-Shirts. Unfortunately the extremely impromptu nature of the video shoot meant that we didn’t have any gear with us (the audio shows it’s just a bit windy in Chicago, who knew?!) 😉 but the silly nature of the videos actually lend to the imperfection :)

Below you can take a gander at video 1 of 3. Don’t forget to head on over to Impossible HQ and get your own Impossible T-Shirt.

Impossible T-Shirt Promo (1 of 3)


  1. […] Six4Eleven – the team who provided the great photographs you see on Joel’s website – be sure to check out the promo video they put together After the show, Joel encouraged me to launch an idea I’ve been toying with. As a matter of accountability, you’ll see it launch in the beginning of January. […]

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